The happiest people



You Feel it too, there's something new
Something big is about to be released
I don't know what, it could be
But it feels like it's gonna change me
Somethings that's impossible to understand
It won't make receptions of life expend

Somethings changing I can feel it
(What the hell are you talking about?)
I don't know I wish I could explain it
(Some searching for a short way down)
How do you not see it?
(What? that feeling you felt last night?)
That's right you got reasons to believe it
(It would change our way of life)

I know thats hope into thee
It's gonna be hard for us all to see
I knew reality was gonna bring us all back together
I wish they were certain what to say
But it's bigger and worse than I had expect

Tingsek – Good Vs Bad



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