Not quiet







Nini Kinert – Not Quite  <3

Sometimes I see the half of it and not the whole

Sometimes I feel my mission is to lay you down

To unfold


And I try so hard to get there with out the fight

I feel like the woman of the year, yeah

But not quiet, not quiet


I bet you tried all you could to give her what she needs

Now there's nothing left of you to follow where she leads


But if you want to get back with her

'Cause you just might

I would understand, yeah

But not quiet, not quiet


This is not a break up, I'm not telling you we're through

'Cause we've done nothing else

Than what we're supposed to do


We all need someone to walk with through the night

Well baby you're my man for it,

But not quiet


At the end I hope I would laugh at this

And see that you are all worth it for me


And then what matter   what you do,

I will be alright

I will be OK, yeah


But not quiet,

Not quiet,

Not quiet...


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