A tear is made of 1% water and 99% feelings

A single tear
silently slides down my cheek,
of what which caused it
I dare not speak...
To be in the middle and not be able to reach out.
To feel the hundred knife stuck in your back.
To feel exauhsted from trying running away from the past but not getting away 'cause you're stuck.
To hear nothing but silence instead of the beating of the heart.
To try every key without passing through.
To turn the hope to hopeless.
To feel like your soul has left and gone away 'caus you don't deserve to have it to stay.
To feel the breaths becoming absent.
To feel the releaf to let it all out.
 Still silently,
I cry another tear, for those who just can speak...like me...
And a last one, for those who can't afford to listen.


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